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is this project live?

Mar 19, 2010 at 9:36 AM


I'm not a native spiker, and i don't use english every day, so sorry about my language.

I'm programmer from Poland, I have some free time to use in open source projects. In my work I use Delphi (4,5,6,7) and DB (SQL, TSQL, PL/SQL etc.). I want to learn C# .NET and new technologies.

I'm interesed your project because i remember Galactic Civilization, Civilization (I, II, FreeCiv).

I'm 26 yr, 1 child (1 month boy :D), wife, good work (remote), free time, wish to learn, and some ideas.


Best Regards

Paweł (in english Paul) Tymura

P.S. I need sometime use dictionary to understand what you will say, and sometime I will don't understand you correctly. Be patient, english is point 2 in my learning list. Of course if you want to work with me. :)

Apr 11, 2010 at 9:48 AM

HI pablot,


this project is almost dead, but I am willing to put new life in to it. I will continue to upgrade it to WPF 4.0, because I love two things: Mulit Touch Tablets and MOO style computer games. Maybe, you could help me.


P.S:  I understand you very well and my english is far worse.




Apr 12, 2010 at 11:06 PM


i was give up and thinking to start my own 4x project :) I was start to lern, but not start to work :) and today have a surprise :)

I will help you with pleasure, but i'm not high specjalized in any of technologies that you use. But i want to lern, so i think you as a fan of Microsoft technologies could help my in my education :) If you have a time, and sometime show me how something works etc. I will use my time to  push your project farther. I think that my questions and others stupid texts will help you dont give up on this project. :)

I dont have a multi touch Tablet :|

I was download a last stable version and have a bug? (Windows Vista 32, Asus G1S Ak95) after choice a race etc. and start game program return to desktop. I dont run it under VS, (i have a 2008 Express version ?) because I was waiting to your reply. What I need to work with you?