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Research Screen: Applied Technology: Current Research Frame


Current Research of applied technology. See techapplied.jpg screenshot.
Following Function. The Frame shows a list of all technologies, which are currently in the applied research queue. You see:
  • a picture
  • the costs of research points per turn
  • The estimated remaining turns, until the research is completed (this could differ in dependency of events)
  • The Budget Allocation slider. The user could change the budget of funding this research in the following steps:
  • 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, crash
  • Hint: There is a funding Level Combo Box in each technical Information, where you could also change the research level.

Done Criteria:

The Task is done, when a picked technology is in the list in the frame.
The Turn Cost will be calculated from the budget allocation.
Every turn, the remaining turns will be decreased

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